Soccer Heads Football

IconSoccer Heads is a game for those who love football and want to play something new. Super soccer heads is a flash game, where the actions take place in the English Premier League. At the beginning of the game, you have to choose your team and enter the competition. You have to play with every team in the English premier league and score as much points as you can to reach the top of the table. This is a bit different type of football, because you play with football heads. You must win the game by scoring more goals than your opponent. The basic controls of the game include Arrow buttons to move and jump and Spacebar to make a shot.

Every team in this game has different stadium with different roof. You should keep this in mind while making a shot, because the ball can hit the roof and get an own goal. Each round is 60 sec. and you have to do everyting to win the game. Also remember that winning the game will give you 3 points, draw - 1 and 0 points if you lose the game. Another interesting thing about this game is that there will appear special icons on the stadium. If you manage to get them using the ball shot, you will get some advantage, for example you can freeze your opponent for several secs of you can grow bigget and so on. Soccer Heads is a game for football fans and it takes rather long time to complete the game, because you have to play with 20 teams and get the maximum points. Anyway, at our website : you can play the official version of the game for free, have fun.